How Do You Respond?

We all have moments where we feel genuinely happy, and empowered, but how do you respond when the Universe throws you a curve ball? Do you get angry? Frustrated? Blame someone? Become a victim?  Make excuses? Or do you have the capacity to stay centered with your heart open, and consciously embrace the “learning opportunity” the universe is offering you?

I enjoy it when life is going smoothly as much as everyone else, but many years ago I discovered that the “crunch moments” of my life offered me a window. If I had the presence of mind to not instantly react with a preprogrammed response, I could see, access and ultimately transform the inaccurate belief or perception that was helping to create the difficult situation. Since I acquired more then my share of limiting beliefs in my early childhood I have come to cherish these transformative moments.

This past spring John McComb interviewed me because he wanted to share the I Create What I Believe! program with the world. He felt it would be a great way to help people understand how our beliefs and perceptions can hinder our ability to love unconditionally.  In the interview we also discussed how we acquire our beliefs, how they mold our life and how to transform limiting beliefs that hinder our ability to realize our dreams.

The interview, HOW OUR BELIEFS MOLD OUR LIFE!  was lengthy so I broke it into multiple parts and then placed it on youtube and the I Create What I Believe! website to make it is easy to share.

Here are  the youtube links for part 1and 2 of the 7-part interview.

The interview was lots of fun. I hope you enjoy it.

Nancy Marie

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