We Have a Choice!

This wonderful video is a superb reminder of what many of our leading scientists and spiritual leaders have been telling us for decades and even centuries–our thoughts and emotions affect our biology! When we are living a life that makes us happy we feel better and quite often our health is greatly improved. On the other hand, when we are stress, frustrated, overwhelmed or angry we send a completely different message to our cells–one that can compromise our health and our ability to succeed.

Every day we have a choice–we can view life as a glass of water that is half-empty or half-full. It is our choice, but we do need to remember that our perceptions and our beliefs–not your genes–control our cellular biology. So choosing to create a life that fills you and everyone around you with joy might be the best medicine you can find. It certainly can’t help but have a positive effect on your biology as Andy Mackie reminds us in this video.

Enjoy the video! And enjoy your life!

Harmonica Man


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