Resetting Your Default Settings!

Our body is designed to always reestablish balance, however the method of accomplishing this is learned in the first six years of life merely by observing the behavior of our parents, siblings and peers. So if we observed others trying to reclaim or maintain balance by criticizing, blaming or making others wrong then that will be part of our default setting—until we change it. This automatic stimuli-response behavior is stored in the subconscious mind and designed to run without the control or observation of our conscious mind, so sometimes we are not even aware that we are repeating the same behavior.

If your life is not working the way you would like, you might want to explore your default settings. You can do this with something as simple as scribbling.

At the bottom of the Resource page on the I Create What I Believe! web site ( there is a link for an audio “Introductory Presentation for Teachers”.  At the end of the presentation Nancy Marie, the creator of this program,  guides the listener through the first I Create What I Believe! exploratory exercise called “Just Scribble”. Take out some paper and crayons (or pencils if you don’t have crayons) and give it a try!

Just Scribble! can provide you with insights into your likes and dislikes, strengths and weaknesses and internal conflicts. This information can also help you uncover the source of the difficulty you are experiencing in your life and subsequently change it. Working with each hand individually will help you clearly see your strengths and weakness, while working with both hands can help you see how to integrate these strengths and weakness to maximize success in your life.

This seemingly simple activity has the ability to uncover outdated default settings, help you step out of automatic behavior and gain a deeper sense of the “real” you. It may take a few minutes or several times playing with the activity before you find your new default setting. However long it takes, just play with the activity until you have a sense of your new balance point—that place where you feel at peace, content, and whole. This is your new default setting. This is where you want to go whenever you become stressed or overwhelmed, instead of blaming, criticizing or making others wrong.

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