Excited to Announce!

After several months of hard work, I am excited to announce the launching of the new I Create What I Believe! (ICWIB) Global Classroom, and my two new websites. The websites addresses are the same: www.ICreateWhatIBelieve.com and www.InnerEyePublishing.com, but information is easier to find, and the websites are now mobile friendly. The ICWIB Global Classroom now makes it possible for anyone who is interested in learning more about the ICWIB Program to do so via FREE teleconferences and Skype.

The reason for these changes is simple: I have received numerous e-mails from people around the world who are interested in learning more about the ICWIB program, but lack the funds or ability to attend an in-person workshop. Also, Google now requires all websites to be mobile friendly.

The ICWB Global Classroom format makes it possible for individuals to host ICWIB Introductory Presentations in their homes, schools or communities. These presentations are by donation only and all of the money that is collected goes towards a scholarship fund for individuals and/or groups that would greatly benefit from the ICWIB in-depth training and materials, but lack the financial means. So if you attend or host an event you are giving both yourself and others life-changing information and skills.

The ICWB Global Classroom is also offering FREE monthly teleconferences for any individual or group who purchases a kit or has previously purchased a kit. These teleconferences are a way to work directly with Nancy Marie, get your questions answered, and receive special pointers on how to adapt specific activities to fit you or your students’ unique needs.

My mother used to say, “Peace begins at home.” I feel that the creation of World Peace can find its start within each of us, for when we are clear and in touch with our authentic nature we become part of the solution–not part of the problem.

After teaching the ICWIB program to both young and old for over 10 years , it has been evident that sharing these simple and scientifically sound tools has made a pivotal difference in the lives of many participants. The launching of the ICWB Global Classroom is my way of helping everyone become a local dynamic source for World Peace. Together, I know we can bring about a significant change in our families, communities, and the world.

For more information about the I Create What I Believe! Program: www.ICreateWhatIBelieve.com

For more information about the ICWIB Global Classroom: www.ICreateWhatIBelieve.com/globalclassroom

If you are interested in hosting an ICWIB Introductory Presentation in your home or community please contact Nancy Marie at: info@innereyepublishing.com