Finding a Way Out


For over 40 years, drawing has helped me gain a deeper understanding of myself and provided me with innovative solutions for my personal challenges. Drawing has also served as a form of biofeedback, providing me with insights into what was bothering me or keeping me from materializing my dreams. So with that in mind, I feel art is not just about creating beautiful pictures for the walls of others. Art is about finding the walls that are holding you back—both internal and external—and finding a way out.

With a mere flick of a pencil or crayon—like the quick turn of a kaleidoscope—we can move ourselves out of a stuck and boxed-in perspective and uncover a new solution for our present challenge. If you don’t feel you are creative or have the capacity to be creative, remember it is the fear of being wrong or the feeling that who we are is wrong that stifles creative development and expression and holds us trapped in a box. However when a child or adult remembers how to spontaneously play with color, line, texture, and form, they can easily uncover and transform the false beliefs that are holding them back.

Art is not something you need to learn; it is already hard-wired into your body. Your body organically responds to color, line, texture, and dimension. You just need to explore and play with those elements to uncover how each of them affects you. In the process, you will ultimately come to know yourself better because art is really the “art of seeing.” This is what the I Create What I Believe! (ICWIB) Program is all about.

In creating the ICWIB program, I merely stripped away the need for creative mastery to uncover the benefits of the creative process. With activities as simple as scribbling, you can access the innovative solutions in the same manner that artists have for centuries.

Recently someone asked me why I painted. I replied that I paint and draw because in the process of moving my pencil or paint brush, my heart opens, my mind becomes clearer, I can remember what is important to me, and how to be a quality human being. So with this in mind, I invite you to explore the ICWIB Program.

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