Choose Happiness!


It is not the cards we are dealt that decide our happiness, it is how we respond to what life brings. At every turn of the road we have an opportunity to view ourselves as a victim, or choose to be the hero in our own life. This is not something imaginary. As the Molecules of Emotion by Candace Pert, Ph.D., details, research now shows us precisely how our thoughts, beliefs, and attitudes mold our life.

With every situation we have the opportunity to see the cup as half-full or half-empty. The “half-full” mind-set produces an opportunity for us to view the potential, use our imagination to find an innovative response, pull ourselves up by the bootstraps, and implement change. The “half-empty” mind-set just reinforces a sense of powerlessness and feeds underlying beliefs that we aren’t adequate, or capable of making the “cut.”

We are living in a time of great change. This is not the time to feed or reinforce a sense of powerlessness because that discourages an innovative and proactive response.  So whenever you feel stuck, overwhelmed, or confused, no matter what the situation, activate your childhood curiosity. Why isn’t the situation working? Step out of your old mindset and be imaginative! What is possible? What would I really like to happen? Allow yourself to be creative! What can I do differently to encourage this new direction? Looking at a situation in an inquisitive and non-reactive manner activates the conscious mind and allows us to come up with a more balanced and integrated plan of action.

Here is a marvelous video that reminds me that none of us really know what the next moment will bring. It is also a wonderful reminder that it is not the moment or the situation that matters, but rather how we choose to respond to the situation that molds our life and our experience of happiness.

The I Create What I Believe! Program is a wonderful tool for helping both children and adults nurture positive habits of thought, uncover innovative solutions, and create a life of happiness.

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Labyrinth, ICWIB Activity Four

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Labyrinth, ICWIB Activity Four (text):

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