Very Few Things Are Impossible to Achieve

How can you?

If, when you woke up tomorrow, you were completely free of all financial and emotional debts, what would you do? What would you want to do? Pay attention to your heart’s response and your head’s response. Are they the same or are they different? If they are different, then ask yourself, which response really comes from you and which one comes from preprogrammed behavior or beliefs that are trying to run the show.

Debt weighs us down, keeps us stuck in the past, clouds our perceptions, and sucks the life out of our future. We incur debt when we are not present, and are not responding to what the moment is asking of us.  Learning to step out of all we have known or believed and be present in the moment allows us to find new solutions. We only need to turn on the radio, TV, Internet, or read a newspaper to know that as a global community, we need new solutions.

Whether you are concerned about the economic crisis and how it is affecting our youth, our educational system, and lack of meaningful jobs, or the environmental crisis and how it is affecting the whole planet and all of its inhabitants, the action that is needed is the same. We need to forget everything we have ever learned and realize that just because it worked before doesn’t mean it is going to work in the future.

Here is a wonderful video about Lewis Pugh and what he learned when he swam Mount Everest’s lake. I feel his insights can help us all during this time of great change. Lewis said that the two things he learned from doing this swim was before you do anything you first need to ask yourself  “What kind of mind-set does this situation require to be successful?” and second  “You need to remember that very few things are impossible to achieve if you put your whole mind into it.”

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