Fast Forward


About thirty years ago when I was encountering some major challenges in my life I devised a mind-game I played with myself to help me step out of the turmoil and make good, clear, and conscious choices. I called the game “fast forward.”

In the game I would imagine I had died and I was sitting on a cloud looking back at my life. From this unique perspective I would then ask myself, “What do you want to see? What do you want to have accomplished?” These questions would help lift me out of my difficult struggle and help me see at a bigger picture. I was no longer wresting with, “This isn’t fair! Why is this happening to me? I don’t want to deal with this! What should I do? Or how should I respond?” Instead, I was reconnecting with what was deeply important to me, seeing how my current choices could impact others over time, and envisioning the bigger picture or outcome that I wanted to accomplish.

I found that playing this game would quickly move me from being stressed and reactive to being calm and centered. Subsequently, I gained the clarity I needed to create a strategy for my desired outcome. No, the challenge didn’t go away, I was merely viewing and responding to it in a very different way. Then whenever I found myself overwhelmed by any step of that particular challenge, I would just fast forward myself back to my cloud and revisit my choice. Did the big picture or outcome I had previously set for myself still hold true? If not, what were the changes I needed to make?

My “Fast-Forward” game, just like the activities in the I Create What I Believe! Program is a simple, and effective way to shift your perceptions, gain greater clarity, and subsequently be able to make more effective choices. With this in mind, I invite you to both play the “Fast Forward” game and explore the I Create What I Believe! (ICWIB) Program.

If you are interested in exploring the I Create What I Believe! (ICWIB) program. These activities are currently available on the website for free (just click the link to access an activity).

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Labyrinth, ICWIB Activity Four (text):

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