How You Play the Game

It doesn’t matter if you win or lose; it is how you play the game. Winning the game may seem important in the moment, but if you walk away knowing you compromised values that are really important to you, you will have lost something more important – your integrity. With this in mind, ask yourself: Do you play fair? Or do you bend the rules to accommodate your needs and possibly give you an advantage? What are your rules or core values? In the heat of winning or thinking you are going to win do you lose your center and lose sight of your core values? Or are you able to have fun, stay centered, and keep focused on things that make your life richer than winning a game ever could? What I am asking is: Are you able to stay in your conscious problem-solving mind even in challenging and difficult situations?

The ICWIB activities are a great way to become more centered, and gain a deeper understanding of your core values or honor code.

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