The Gift of Stress

Several years ago I found myself in an extremely stressful situation. Normally I would get myself out of highly stressful predicaments, but that time it was just not possible. So what did I do? How did I handle it so that in the end I actually viewed the situation as a wonderful gift?

To begin with I knew that whenever my body is stressed, my subconscious mind takes over my system. I also knew that no thinking takes place in that part of my mind and it is also where the beliefs, perceptions, and patterns I learned from my family were stored. Often when that part of the mind takes over, we have to listen to negative dialogue and wrestle with conflicting information acquired in early childhood. This in itself can be highly challenging because one part of you is telling you to do one thing, while another part is telling you to do something completely different. Which do you listen to?

When I was younger, I used to really trip myself up here, because I thought I was supposed to follow the direction of the negative dialogue. Now I know there is a difference between that voice and my own inner voice. I also know that if I am present and my heart was open, my inner voice will show me the way. No drama and no fanfare—just simple and clear direction. Yes, the tapes may be running in my mind, but the charge is gone and getting to see all of the inaccurate information that had previously driven my system is the gift! It is a gift because it is an opportunity to consciously let it go.

So why was this situation different? I think that over the years I have spent enough time purposely activating my conscious mind that now even in challenging situations I am able to shift brain states. Sometimes I will do this with walking, doing my artwork, or using my breath to slow down and center myself. Actually I think the key to survival and success these days is to have lots of ways to disengage from your reactive mind and activate your conscious mind at will. This makes it possible for anyone to create what he or she really wants in almost any situation.

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