Novel Adaptations

Over the years many teachers, therapists, and parents have shared some of their novel adaptations of the ICWIB program with me. Today I would like to share some of them with you.

A woman who works with high risk children and their families told me that whenever she does a home visit she always carries a large roll of butcher paper. Sometimes she will tape it to the kitchen floor so young children and their caretakers can sit on the floor and scribble together. In other situations she will cover a large wall from floor to ceiling with butcher paper. This makes it possible for children of multiple ages to do the Just Scribble activity or draw simultaneously.

An elementary school teacher who works with high-risk children covered all of her student’s desks with butcher paper and then encouraged them to lay down color throughout the lessons as a way to help them focus their mind and increase recall and comprehension.

A mom, who was going through a very difficult divorce, covered the kitchen table with butcher paper and made sure crayons were always on the table. She said that one simple action helped both her children and herself release bottled-up emotion and stay more present with each other. In the beginning she said her children were very timid, but after they saw her really scribble out her frustration one day—moving from being angry to laughing—they were able to release their own pain and frustration and consequently communication improved and their home life became more joyous.

The ICWIB activities are a great way to release bottled-up emotions, gain greater clarity so you can create a more joyous life.

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