An Evolution in Consciousness

In his video “We Communicate Through Energy” Dr. Bruce Lipton explains that there is an evolution in consciousness taking place removing the past programming of beliefs such as life is a struggle, life is a competition, and survival of the fittest that have often separated us and have not serve us well as a society. Sometimes it is difficult to remove the obstacles in our own minds, due to these long held beliefs.

If you find yourself having difficulty making a change in your life you might want to explore the I Create What I Believe! Program which is endorsed by Dr. Lipton and based on his research. This deceptively simple, fun and scientifically sound tools can help you quickly change your perceptions, and create a more authentic life.

Each I Create What I Believe! (ICWIB) art activity is built upon the previous ones. You begin with the first activity, Just Scribble, which is an introduction to the art of self-reflection. In that activity you will be able to uncover the rhythm, and style of movement your hands prefer. When you do pay attention to the movements that give you the most pleasure because they are the ones that can help you activate your conscious mind.

Explore and Ponder – Activity Two:

When you move into the second activity, Explore and Ponder the focus is on uncovering how drawing different shaped lines or moving your limbs in either circles or lines affect your body mind state. Unearthing this information can provide you with a custom made set of tools to help you change beliefs and move through your day in a more conscious and integrated manner effortlessly.

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