Don’t Let the Noise

When we allow other people’s beliefs and opinions to control or define us, we can also lose touch with our own inner barometer and voice. This also means we can also lose touch with our authentic nature, our soul’s path, and lose track of what is really important to us.

So how do I know if I am defining myself or if I am letting someone else define me?

Normally if I feel lost, overwhelmed, or confused, I know I have lost touch with my internal GPS and I am allowing someone else’s opinion to direct me. Fortunately or unfortunately, this is rarely a satisfying situation. However, if I stop, look inside, and figure out what I need in that moment, I can usually reconnect with my own inner barometer and voice.

When I was younger, I used to try to override or ignore the unpleasantness of feeling lost, confused, or overwhelmed, and follow other people’s opinions and advice, but that rarely ended well. Over time, I have found it is easier in the long run to stop, go inside, and look for where I made a wrong turn or made an incorrect choice. Then I just need to shift my perceptions—or find a different approach—to what I am doing. The change is rarely large, but it does need to be accurate and the direction needs to come from within me.

We are not supposed to be, nor does the world need us to be, the same. Instead, we are supposed to know, embrace, and share our authentic nature with the world. When we do, we feel great joy and the world benefits.

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