Messy Room

Within each of us is a tolerance for the opposite states of chaos and order or unpredictability and predictability. This balance is innate to us.

If you expect your system to tolerate either too much imposed external order or chaos than your body can handle—because it is designed to ALWAYS reestablish balance—it will need to create the opposite effect. You can easily see this phenomenon in young children, although it is important to remember the same thing is taking place in all of us.

Whenever you feel overwhelmed, pay attention to how the situation is impacting you and if it causes you to suppress your feelings. If this does happen, also notice how long it takes for those suppressed feelings to play out in another situation in a negative way. You want to uncover this pattern, because when you do, you then have the capacity to change the behavior at its core—in your biology.

I personally have a very low tolerance for chaos. When I was much younger, I often found myself trying to control things outside of me. Over time, I realized I was trying to accomplish something impossible. Now I just pay attention to when situations have surpassed my tolerance and then either do something to restore my inner balance or simply remove myself from the situation.

The ICWIB activities can help you uncover your tolerance for the opposite states of chaos and order. They can also serve as an antidote for when you have crossed your tolerance line and need to restore balance within your system

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