Bite Yourself in the Butt

Have you ever said or did something that later came back to bite you in the butt? I know I have. When I was younger I tried to sweep those moments under the rug or downplay them because not being perfect and being caught in the act of not being perfect was too embarrassing. Now in my less-than-glorious moments, I try to not run, hide, or sweep the event under the rug. Instead, I try to stop, look inside, and discover the root or underlying belief or perception behind my behavior, and then change that. This is not a chastising moment, but rather one of peaceful and loving acceptance of myself.

How does stopping and going inside help me discover the underlying cause or belief? Slowing down and observing each step helps me to shift from my reactive, unconscious mind to my conscious, creative problem-solving mind. In the process, I gain the ability to see the cause of my problem, and also create a new and more appropriate response. This is what Dr. Bruce Lipton is talking about when he said, “…When you change a belief or perception you can change your whole life…”

I often turn to the simple ICWIB art activities, which require no artistic training or skill because they are a fun and easy way to discover the underlying belief or perception behind behavior, and then change it.

With this in mind, I invite you to explore some of the ICWIB art activities and videos for FREE.

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