Epigenetics 101

Even today, medical students and practitioners are operating under the assumption that genes are the primary factors in biological processes and that we are essentially all just victims of our heredity. To put it simply, modern science has mistaken the blueprint, in this case the DNA, for the contractor who actually builds the house.

The revolutionary science of Dr. Bruce Lipton proved that it’s actually the cell membrane, which is covered in hundreds of thousands of receptor proteins, that is specialized to interpret different signals from the environment and relay the information back to the cells. Epigenetics has scientifically proven that evolution is no longer a mindless game of chance based on random hereditary variance, rather it is an interactive dance between organism and environment.

Since we now know that evolution is not a mindless game of chance, but rather this interaction, how can we actively transform any negative programs we have and also help our children transform any negative programs they might have already acquired?

I Create What I Believe! Program, endorsed by Dr. Bruce Lipton and based on his research, offers fun and scientifically sound activities that teach both children and adults how to transform negative programs quickly and effortlessly. 

Just Scribble: Activity One, Version One

The first ICWIB! activity, Just Scribble, is the perfect place to start because it is a very simple way to activate your conscious mind and suspend your subconscious mind, which is where your negative programs are stored. Also in this one simple action, you have created a situation where your conscious mind can identify an inaccurate program and create a more productive response.

How could something so simple work?

In Just Scribble, you learn to uncover the rhythm and style of movements your body prefers or gives you the most pleasure. This is important because those are the movements that can activate your conscious mind. So pay attention to whether you prefer circular or straight-line motion. Also pay attention to the direction and amount of pressure you prefer. Once you are familiar with the activity and your own body’s preferences you won’t need the crayons and paper any more—you can facilitate the shifting of your mind states just by scribbling on your body with your finger.

How will you know you have shifted from your subconscious or reactive mind to your conscious creative mind? You will most likely experience an inner calm set in, feel more settled or comfortable in your body, and your mind may become clearer and more focused. If you are having difficulty bringing on the shift I recommend you slow down your scribbling, paying more attention to subtle details, and deepen your breath.

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