Worry is Negative Prayer

Worry is a form of negative prayer. True prayer is the act of deep listening, then sending out the positive energy, thoughts, and intentions needed. Because worry is based on fear, when you worry you are inadvertently sending fear and negative energy instead of love and support. With this in mind, it is easy to see that worry doesn’t help—in fact, it is harmful to all concerned.

So how can we move from worrying to deep listening and adding positive energy to a situation without feeling like a Pollyanna? I think this is where a simple spiritual practice of learning how to effectively move from our reactive mind to our conscious problem-solving mind is very helpful. It doesn’t matter if you train yourself to shift mind-states through yoga, tai chi, meditation, housecleaning, bicycling, walking, or doing something creative. Though I do think learning different ways to shift mind-states is helpful, so you can have different ways to break the worry pattern to accommodate unique situations.

Over the years I have developed many ways to shift my mind-state, though one of my long-time favorites is through creativity. It doesn’t really matter if I am creating something in the kitchen, in my garden, or in my studio, it is the creative process that continues to bring me home to myself, shift my mind-state, dissolve worry from my mind, body, and soul, and ultimately provides me with a solution.

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