Expiration Date

I often joke about having an expiration date tattooed on my backside. It is in a place where I can’t actually see the date, but believing it is there helps me keep my mind clear and helps me approach each and every moment with the awareness that it might be my last. This does not give me a doomsday perception on life or make me feel like a victim. It actually does quite the opposite.

I have found that life is full of distractions, which can easily pull me down or derail me. On the other hand, my expiration-date mindset helps to keep me focused and be present in the moment. This in turn helps me create a more joyous and authentic life. So with this in mind, if you find yourself feeling lost or derailed, you might want to approach life from the perspective of having an expiration date tattooed on your backside!

The ICWIB activities are another way to help you learn to focus your mind and become more present in the moment.

With this in mind, I invite you to explore some of the ICWIB art activities and videos for FREE.

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