Go To The Trees

I have written many pieces about how we can acquire negative programs in the first six years of life, and how these patterns can make it difficult to realize our dreams and thrive. I think it is also important to remember that most of us have also acquired some good patterns. (I don’t think we would be here today it we didn’t.)

I personally acquired a lot of negative programs when I was young, but at the same time I am very grateful for the good programs I acquired even if some of them were the result of very difficult situations. One of the patterns I acquired when I was young was what I call “Go to the Trees!”

So how did I acquire this pattern and how do I consciously use it in my life now?

When I was about five, my mother, father, older sister, and I moved from our flat in the city to a house on some land outside the city. There was seasonal creek running through the middle of the property with the house sitting on one side of the creek and woods on the other.

Whenever I got in trouble, which was often, I would leave the house, cross the bridge over the creek and go into the woods. It felt quiet, calm, and safe in the woods and being there helped me unravel my confusion and reconnect with myself. Sometimes I would hold onto a tree while I cried or talked myself through my current problem. Other times I would just stroll through the trees or play with a stick until I felt ready to go back to the house.

To this day, whenever my stress level rises to a certain level, I get a feeling deep within my bones that lets me know that I need to just drop everything and “go to the trees.” When I do, the quiet calm generated by the trees helps me reconnect more deeply with myself.

With this in mind, I recommend you take some time to walk back in time and explore how you responded to difficult situations as a child, and in the process you might uncover some good programs you created to survive those difficult moments. Life will never be devoid of challenges, but if you remember your good programs they can provide you with inner strength to change negative beliefs that are hindering your ability to thrive.

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