I Am My Own Big Dog

When I was young I wanted a big dog with soft fur and a heart of gold. He also needed to be a noble being that helped me feel safe.

My mother said dogs cost too much money and my father said they were too much work, but my grandfather, the owner of many dogs, took an interest in my dream dog and asked me lots of questions whenever we spent time together.

Would your dog protect you, love you, and find you if you were lost? How could a dog help you take care of and be true to yourself? Would your dog have to work on the farm like Jake or would taking care of you be his only job? Each time, his questions encouraged me to go inside and find an answer.

Over time I began to realize that I needed someone to be there for me, listen to me when I was upset, and to love me even if I had done something they didn’t like. I don’t remember how many times we talked about my dream dog, but I do remember the day I realized I could be my own big dog. I realized I could love, protect, and find myself when I felt lost, and when I did this, I felt happy and alive. So with some help from my grandfather, I became my own big dog.

The ICWIB activities are another way to go inward and find your own big dog.

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