When life doesn’t play out the way we want, we can try and change others or we can learn how to go inward, identify what we need to change, and then change it. The first action of trying change a situation by changing others never really works and tends to be disempowering for all concerned. On the other hand, learning how to go inside and change an inaccurate belief or perception can have a profound impact on a situation and is an act of self-empowerment.

When Dr. Bruce Lipton said, “When you change a belief, you can change your whole life,” this is what he was talking about. So whenever you find yourself wrestling with a challenge, instead of fixating on what others need to change, step back, go inward and discover what you need to change and then change it. Responding to a challenge in this way can have a profound impact on your whole life.

I invite you to explore some of the ICWIB art activities and videos for FREE because they are a simple and effective way to help you learn how to go inward, change a belief or perception, and ultimately change your whole life.

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