Creating Peace


In this wonderful video interview, Dr. Bruce Lipton talks about how we have 50 trillion cells living inside our skin in peace and harmony. Each cell, which has a specific job and contributes to the whole, is like an individual being and even though they are different and have diverse jobs they are able to work together in unity and cooperation. At the same time we are living on a planet with seven billion people and we are not living in peace and harmony—instead we are killing each other and ourselves.

Bruce goes on to say that we need to look at the wisdom of our cells and their ability to create a healthy economy, because as he goes on to say, “…They are doing it right and have been for a million years…”

With this in mind and on the Anniversary of 9/11, I invite you to join together to use the following I Create What I Believe!(ICWIB) activity to activate your conscious mind and to intentionally create a moment of peace and harmony for yourself, your family, your community, and the world. I feel this simple, positive creative action from many has the capacity to create a new wave of positive energy in response to the fear, hate, and violence that many are experiencing today.

If you would like to share your artwork with the ICWIB! Community, please e-mail me a picture of your mandala and I will post as many as possible on the ICWIB! Facebook page for everyone’s benefit and enjoyment.

 The I Create What I Believe! Program, endorsed by Dr. Lipton and based on his research, is an innovative and scientifically sound way to transform negative­- and fear-based beliefs and create a more positive and joyous life. (Read More)

Reflective Circle

Some adults and children love this activity, while others may find it a bit challenging. If you encounter difficulty with this activity, just slow down, get curious, and pay attention to your body’s sensations so you can feel when you have shifted from the linear, left hemisphere of your brain to your spatial, right hemisphere. When that happens in me, I normally feel a great stillness or calmness wash over me.

In this drawing activity, we want to be in the spatial or right side of our brain because that hemisphere helps us see the interrelationship and connection of the lines. At the same time, developing this part of the mind can help you see more clearly the interrelationship of all things.

It is also important to remember there is NO wrong way to do any of the ICWIB! activities. If you have difficulty duplicating a mirror reflection, just slow down and pay closer attention to the intersecting points of the lines. If you realize when you finish doing your reflective circle that you didn’t flip a previous image to create a mirror reflection, remember what you did is NOT wrong. Instead, just note that your drawing is showing you the underdevelopment of this part of your mind. Repeated practice of this activity will help spur further development here, which in turn can increase your ability to see and transform inaccurate perceptions and fear to love.

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