Herd vs. Heard

Does your need to belong exceed your need to discover your authentic nature and speak your own truth? Or does your need to live an authentic life exceed your need to belong to the herd?

When I was in high school, my hunger to fit in and belong was so great that during the summer—in hopes of fitting in with the cool group in the upcoming school year—I would mold myself into a new persona. This would include a new way of thinking, walking, and even talking. I also would include a new wardrobe that I had painstakingly created for myself. All of this was a futile attempt to feel loved, valued, and accepted. Unfortunately, a month or two into each year I would re-experience that same disappointment of not being accepted or included because I was only changing the external “self,” but not the root of my problem: my diminished and distorted view of myself.

It was only after I gave up on trying to be someone I wasn’t, and instead focused on discovering and becoming who I was meant to be, that I discovered the joy of being seen and “heard.” Since that first moment of recognition, I have spent many hours practicing inward reflection in many different ways. Each practice has provided me with insight and clear direction in a different way.

Yes I still like the sense of belonging to something larger than myself, but the difference now is that I am no long willing be compromise or sweep my true self under the rug so I can fit in. Being “heard” is now far more important to me than being part of any “herd.”

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