Stop, Look, Listen

Our body is designed to operate from a state of balance, though our culture perpetuates disconnection and imbalance with all if its striving to dominate.  So what can we do when we find ourselves feeling overwhelmed, out of balance, or stressed by life? The simple answer is to Stop, Look, and Listen. It doesn’t matter it you are a student struggling to understand a problem, a parent trying to make ends meet, or a senior citizen trying to remember where they left their car keys. The answer is always the same: You need to stop, look inside, and listen to your inner guidance.

If you never learned or have forgotten how to go inward and reflect, I invite you to explore this ICWIB! Activity, the Labyrinth. This simple activity can help you relax your body, focus your mind, and move your whole system out of reactivity and into your conscious problem-solving mind. This will make it possible for your system to restore balance quickly and effectively.

Once you learn the activity on paper, you can duplicate the experience with your finger on your leg or arm to help your body regain a calm, clear, and centered perspective in any situation. This means you will have the capacity to restore balance in your system anywhere or any time.

I also invite you to explore some of the other ICWIB! art activities and videos for FREE because they are a wonderful way reduce stress and release bottled up emotions that helps us reconnect with our true nature and subsequently create a more joyous life.

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