Arrogant Justification

Arrogant Justification is where someone unconsciously judges, criticizes, and/or inflicts harm on another individual and then justifies their behavior by saying they did it for your own good, to teach you a lesson, because they love you, or because you weren’t listening. The list is endless, but in all cases the statements are an untrue justification for their unconscious and harmful behavior.

Since we have two minds—the conscious and the unconscious or subconscious—and the unconscious mind operates without the observation or control of the conscious mind, often the individual will later say, “I didn’t say that or do that,” because in truth they are completely unaware of what their programmed behavior is doing. Dr. Bruce Lipton once said that the only way you can know what your subconscious mind is doing is to look at the wreckage around you.

I think arrogant justification, in terms of doing harm, is much worse than just outright brutality because it twists the mind and confuses the soul. It can leave the individual with a situation where their mind relentlessly tries to make sense of what is done and/or what they did wrong to create such a situation. It also creates a situation where the individual ends up reliving the situation over and over again in an attempt to find some understanding and closure. In this process, we can also lose our sense of value, our purpose, and the reason we are here.

I read somewhere that it is not the pain that is inflicted upon a child that destroys them the most, but rather the perpetual repetition of the incident within their minds trying to find understanding and closure that does the most damage. I feel this kind of unconscious behavior (arrogant justification) is also at the source of a lot of the problems we are seeing today.

So if you do encounter arrogant justification what can you do? I feel the most important steps are to relax your body, focus your mind, slow down your breathing. This will keep you in your conscious problem-solving mind. It will also enable you to see the absurdity of their words and subsequently keep you from taking on their flawed belief system.

With this in mind, I invite you to explore some of the ICWIB art activities and videos for FREE because they are a wonderful way to learn how to identify when you are in your unconscious mind and help you shift from your unconscious and reactive mind to your conscious problem-solving mind.

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