Genetics and the Power of Our Mind

In this highly informative video, Dr. Bruce Lipton talks about how parents are genetic engineers because their attitudes, beliefs, and emotions can affect the genetic expression of their child’s genes. Dr. Lipton refers to this as “Mother Nature’s Head Start program.” If the mother is happy then the baby is happy. If the mother is angry then the fetus is angry. If the mother is afraid then so is the fetus. These emotions can change both the child’s brain structure and body. It has been suggested that a mother can reduce the intelligence of the child by 52%.

So if you feel you have acquired some inaccurate beliefs and/or perceptions and they have had a negative impact on your body and mind, is there something you can do about it now? Absolutely!

Dr. Lipton has said that the subconscious mind learns and can be reprogrammed through hypnosis, habit, and energy psychology (placing the mind in a super-learning state).

The ICWIB! Program, which is endorsed by Dr. Bruce Lipton and based on his research, uses all three (hypnosis, habit, and energy psychology) to help children and adults transform beliefs that are hindering their ability to thrive.

So how can the deceptively simple ICWIB! activities facilitate a biological change in our body and help us transform inaccurate beliefs and perceptions?

In addition to being based on Dr. Lipton’s research, the ICWIBI activities have roots in the eastern practices of tai chi, chi gong, yoga, and acupuncture, and use the principles of constructive and destructive interference, and chaos and order. Each activity affects the mind in a different way. For example, the playful and engaging qualities of the ICWIB! Activity 8: What Do You See? activates the conscious mind and also encourages a super-learning state. This is important since, as mentioned above, the main three ways to change a belief in the subconscious mind is through hypnosis, habit, and energy psychology.

With this in mind, I invite you to also explore some of the other ICWIB! art activities and videos for FREE because they are a wonderful way to help you identify and transform beliefs and perceptions that are not supportive of your authentic nature.

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