Are You Stressed?

Researchers from Carnegie Mellon University found that people’s self-reported stress levels have increased 10%-30% in the last three decades. This is not good because high stress has been linked to a large range of health conditions including high blood pressure, heart disease, obesity, and diabetes, according to the Mayo Clinic.

So what can we do? I think it is important for everyone to know how it feels when their body is stressed and have tools to help them restore balance quickly and effectively in any situation.

When I was much younger, I had the time to hop on my bike whenever I was stressed, but that is not the case anymore. Instead, I need to turn to simple ways of restoring balance that I can do in tandem with my other tasks. Now, I might go for a walk, doodle, paint, or do one of the I Create What I Believe! (ICWIB!) activities while I am on a stressful phone call or in a demanding meeting. I also might focus on deep abdominal breathing while I am stuck in traffic or turn vacuuming into a moving meditation. Basically I will do anything I can to keep myself out of stress and in my conscious problem-solving mind.

Since this time of year tends to be more stressful for many, I would like to invite you to explore some of the FREE ICWIB art activities and videos, because they are a wonderful way to reduce stress and restore balance in your body.

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