Becoming the Super Organism

In this wonderful video, Dr. Bruce Lipton explains that in every civilization there is a source of truth. In our culture, the source of truth is science. Unfortunately, there are several scientific beliefs that have shaped our culture, which now have been found to be false.

First, we were told our genes controlled our cellular biology. This meant we were victims of our heredity. Now, epigenetics says our genes are controlled by our consciousness and our life experiences. That means we are masters not victims.

The second untruth was that the real world was separate from the spiritual world. Now, the science is saying, “Yes the spiritual world is really there.” As a result, people are waking up to the fact that there is more to life than the physical plane.

The third false belief was that life is a competition for survival. From this perspective, we were taught to focus on the individual and not care about the rest of society. Today, we know that survival will take place by us unifying and working together as one super organism in the same way the 50 trillion cells work together in our body.

As you can see, the shift of just three beliefs could have a huge effect on impact on how you approach and experience life. This is important, because when we are very young we acquire our fundamental beliefs about life and ourselves. If these beliefs are inaccurate, like the three above, they can create internal conflict and make it difficult for us to realize our dreams.

If you think you might have some inaccurate beliefs in your subconscious mind, what can you do? Consider this: whenever you are stressed, the subconscious mind, which is where our fundamental beliefs are stored, takes over and runs our system. Just keeping yourself de-stressed can help you see more clearly and create a more joyous life.

If you would like to explore transforming some inaccurate beliefs, the I Create What I Believe! Program, which is endorsed by Dr. Lipton and based on his research, offers fun and scientifically sound tools to help both children and adults learn how to change their negative programming with activities as simple as scribbling and drawing circles and lines.

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