In Times of Stress

When my son was young I spent many an hour watching Mister Rogers with him. I loved Mister Roger’s slow and easy manner, his clear intention to instill great values, and strong self-esteem in young minds. I also loved seeing the many wonderful ways he conveyed his core statements: “There is only one you!” “I like you just the way you are!” “You are perfect every day and in every way.”

We all need to hear those words. Why? Because many of us live in a culture that teaches us from a very young age to look at what is wrong or missing in the picture. This conditioning then leads us to become adults who perpetually look for what is wrong with another person or situation and then try and change it. This is not living, nor is it a way to encourage our children, or us, to live a vibrant life.

So how can we change this pattern?

Begin by paying attention to your thoughts and what comes out of your mouth. Then at the end of the day rate yourself. What percentage of your day was positive and supportive and what percentage was negative and destructive. If you don’t like the percentage, make a conscious choice to change it. The subconscious mind learns through hypnosis, habit, and super-learning, so what I am proposing is using “habit” as a tool for changing your behavior and the end result.

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