You Are Braver Than You Believe

Research has shown that 70% of our thoughts are negative or redundant. Research has also shown that stress activates the subconscious or reactive mind, which is where the fundamental beliefs about life and ourselves that we acquired from our parents, siblings and peers are stored. So whenever we are stressed, our tapes, not our authentic self, are creating our life.

In this season of high stress, I think it is important to remember this and to also remember the wise words of Christopher Robin. For when we do, we are able to activate our conscious mind, suspend our subconscious mind and create a life filled with goodness and love.

The holiday season tends to be more stressful than usual. I attribute this to the fact our culture does not encourage us to stop, become still, and go inward during this season, which is what most of nature does during the winter season. Instead, we are encouraged to go shopping and over-extend ourselves. This misalignment with nature is stress-producing.

I am not suggesting you not enjoy the holidays. What I am suggesting is that you pay attention to your stress level and find ways to help your system adapt and enjoy the holidays.

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