If a learning situation doesn’t stimulate curiosity, awe, wonder and discovery, learning can become boring and difficult. Unfortunately, many schools, because of large classroom sizes, lack of funds and a focus on testing no longer ignite the innate desire to learn. This unfortunate situation is a breeding ground for failure.

Learning is needs to be fun! If it is, the brain dumps dopamine into the system giving the child a ‘learning high’. Yes, rules and guidelines are important, but not to the demise of the child or the crushing of their love of learning.

So what can you do?

The ICWIB program, which was originally created for middle school children, was designed to help a child reduce stress, focus their mind, uncover their own unique learning style and provide their mind with what it needs to work in an optimal way, so they can fall in love with learning. This can create a breeding ground for success instead of failure.

With this in mind, I invite you to explore some of the FREE ICWIB art activities and videos.

Since the ICWIB program has repeatedly demonstrated its ability to help even young children reduce stress, release bottled-up emotions, resolve internal conflict, and learn to place their mind in a learning ready state, I think it should be available to any teacher who wants to actively use it in his or her classroom regardless of their ability to pay for the training.

Would you like to help make this a reality?

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