Outside or Inside?

I like going outside the lines, because for me creativity, innovation, and magic happen outside the lines. On the other hand, some people prefer staying inside the lines because it helps them to calm and center their system. We all have an innate tolerance for chaos (unpredictability) and imposed external order (predictability) though the proportions may be different for each of us. Becoming aware of your tolerance and respecting it can be a key to success.

So whether you like going outside the lines or staying inside the lines, always pay attention to your system’s current needs. Know that you can also use either the Just Scribble activity to help your system compensate for too much imposed external order and you can use the Labyrinth activity to help your system compensate for too much chaos.

If you enjoy those activities, I invite you to explore some of the other FREE ICWIB art activities and videos because they are a wonderful way to reconnect with yourself and restore balance quickly and effectively.

Since the ICWIB program has repeatedly demonstrated its ability to help even young children reduce stress, release bottled-up emotions, resolve internal conflict, and learn to place their mind in a learning ready state, I think it should be available to any teacher who wants to actively use it in his or her classroom regardless of their ability to pay for the training.

Would you like to help make this a reality?

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