The I Create What I Believe! (ICWIB) program, based on the pioneering research of former Stanford scientist, Dr. Bruce Lipton, is a powerful personal growth and accelerated learning tool that has proven to be equally effective with both young and old. This deceptively simple program helps participants understand how stress affects their thinking and how early childhood experiences may have led to inaccurate beliefs about the world and themselves, and subsequently stifled success. This highly informative training is recommended for parents, educators, therapists and individuals interested in personal growth and change.

The ICWIB program requires no previous artistic talent or training and is easy to learn and easy to use. Using activities as simple as scribbling, individuals can learn to gain an accurate sense of their strengths and weaknesses; access to their personal motivation and life purpose; and the ability to step out of repetitive reactive behavior quickly and increase positive productivity.

The ICWIB activities can also be used to energize and focus the distractible mind, release bottle-up emotions in a constructive manner, facilitate self-regulation, deepen the sense of self-worth and activate the conscious problem-solving mind at will. Because this program is taught from a science and art perspective, it is versatile and easily adapted into almost any situation. It has been used effectively in the classroom, in individual crisis intervention, for healthcare provider burnout, and with victims of trauma suffering from PTSD. A number of war veterans have found the ICWIB program to be life-changing.