I Create What I Believe! Self-Awareness Art Program

I Create What I Believe! is a groundbreaking approach to drawing that enables both children and adults to reduce stress, release bottled-up emotions, and gain a deeper sense of self with just crayons and paper. Individuals suffering from trauma, and PTSD have found this program to be very useful in their healing. It also is currently being used successfully in many Head Start schools and preschools programs in the United States to help young children learn to self-regulate, place their mind in a ‘learning ready’ state and increase their resiliency.

This simple and non-threatening approach to drawing incorporates the introspective benefits of the creative process with science. This anomaly can also help an individual understand how stress and trauma can impact his or her body, cloud their perceptions and impair their ability to thrive.

The I Create What I Believe! Training consists of: a straightforward and visual presentation of the science behind the program, and hands-on exploration of the drawing activities. This program is so adaptable; it can be used in almost any situation without focusing on the problem or originating cause. This means that even very young children can restore balance in their body without knowing the originating cause of the imbalance.

Participants learn to use and/or learn to teach their students and children how to use their emotions and body sensations as barometers so they can identify when their system is stressed and then use the same activities to restore balance. In the process, perceptions are cleared, old behavior patterns are discovered and broken, and new and more effective responses are gained. Participants observe with delight as theirs or their students’ whole systems intuitively reset themselves.

The program, books and exploratory exercises in this program are based on Nancy Marie’s professional art experience and the research of Bruce Lipton, Ph.D. In 1987, while Dr. Lipton was a fellow in pathology at Stanford Medical School, his studies proved that our beliefs and perceptions control our cellular biology, and that when we change our beliefs we can change our whole life.

Dr. Lipton also found that hypnotic-like practices were the most effective way to change old beliefs that are stored in our subconscious. He felt that drawing, when approached in a noncompetitive manner, as encouraged in the I Create What I Believe! program, was an excellent method for transforming old beliefs, thought patterns and behavior. This is because drawing in this manner takes the brain into a relaxed and receptive state, which allows for easy transformation of stifling patterns, and it is self-initiated.