Bring the Program to Your Community
I Create What I Believe! evening presentations, public workshops and in-house staff trainings programs are currently being offered throughout the United States. If you are interested please contact Inner Eye Publishing at (1-530-926-0365) during office hours (9:00 am to 5:00 pm pst) so we can make the necessary arrangements. You may also contact us via email

Public workshops: The workshop begins by establishing the program’s foundational concepts: where beliefs come from; how beliefs mold one’s life; and how to transform stifling beliefs in the subconscious mind to allow for new growth. Hands-on exploration and adaptation of the exercises guide the participants through the practical application of these concepts. Throughout both days the science and theory behind the activities are discussed. Participants leave with an understanding of where beliefs come from, how they can either support or impede success and how to use this program to transform beliefs that inhibit growth.

In-house training for educators and healthcare professionals is also available. For more information, contact Inner Eye Publishing at 530-926-0365 or

If you would like to support our vision of sharing this life-changing program with returning vets and schools across this country please contact Inner Eye Publishing for more information.