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Additional Resources:

Bruce Lipton: An internationally recognized leader in bridging science and spirit. He has been a guest speaker on dozens of TV and radio shows, as well as keynote presenter for national conferences. Dr. Lipton, as a Fellow in Pathology at Stanford University’s School of Medicine (1987-1992), his published research on cloned human cells revealed how perception controls behavior and gene activity. Lipton’s current research on the biochemical pathways connecting the mind and body provide insight into the molecular basis of consciousness. For more information about Bruce Lipton, Ph.D., and his books view his web site: www.brucelipton.com

Anton Mizerak,  a composer, multi-instrumental musician, (tabla, harmonica,  synthesizers and piano ) and recording engineer, has recently teamed-up with the Inner Eye Production team gracing our two new DVDs with his exception music and engineering skills.  Anton lives and records in Mount Shasta, California and performs globally. He opened Shastasong Recording Studios with Michael Genest in 1986 and started his own record label “Shastsong” in 1992, under which he has released his following recordings: Pacific Rim, Unwind, Desert Bloom, When Angels Dream, When Angels Dream 2 and Harmonica Sunset.www.shastasong.com

Michael Mandrell is an artistic and passionate contemporary fingerstyle guitarist. His music offers equal parts world and new age, an array of middle Eastern rhythms and scales, with tinges of folk and an infusion of Celtic overtones. He is one of those rare artists who has a strong sense of his Western musical roots, yet can make beautiful and sophisticated forays into the music of the East. “The Great Spiral Dance” is a great collection of his compositions that covers a wide range of styles – and he excels in each.  Michael’s guitar playing is extraordinary. His wonderful music graces one of our new DVDs.

Blue Skies Unlimited developed naturally out of Will Pool’s love for live sacred music. Blue Skies Unlimited offers video and audio recording, and PA sound system services with a special focus on supporting inspirational musicians, wisdom teachers and self-improvement consultants. Will Pool did the audio track for our first  ICWIB DVD and to doing the video and voice tracks for our two new DVDs.

Intuition Network Home Page: The purpose of the Intuition Network is to help create a world in which all people feel encouraged to cultivate and use their inner, intuitive resources. The Intuition Network offers opportunities for networking among individuals who are interested in cultivating and applying intuition. This networking takes place via phone and fax, newsletters, journals and magazines, radio and television, small group gatherings, conferences in “cyberspace,” conferences in hotels, and international travel and spiritual retreats.

Arts and Healing Network: Arts & Healing Network is an online resource celebrating the connection between art and healing, believing that art is an essential catalyst for creating positive change in the world. We believe that art is an essential catalyst for creating positive change in the world. Our hope is that this web site will inspire everyone to use creativity as a tool for healing and transformation.

Mount Shasta Magazine: A personal growth magazine, featuring in-depth articles and interviews of a spiritual, scientific and metaphysical nature covering quantum mechanics, enlightenment, consciousness, the mind, society, the environment and alternative health.  Nancy Marie is a regular contributor to Mount Shasta Magazine with articles and her own “Ask Nancy” advice column. Dawn Fazende, editor of the magazine, highlights the ideas of “cultural creatives” who seek alternative ways to connect with a higher power and to make a difference in the world.

Susan Kirk, Numerologist: Numerology is an ancient language using number symbolism as a key to human consciousness. Numerology is also an intuitive art, available to humanity as a means of understanding our Divine nature expressed in human form. Your name and birth date are exquisite patterns that when interpreted numerologically provide the roadmap you created for your life. Susan’s objectives for you in a numerology reading are clarity and empowerment.

Mary Saint Marie is a mystic artist, poet, writer and spiritual educator–Bringer, beholder and keeper of Beauty. She creates paintings that emerge from the Vastness and the Silence––revealing ever the formed and Formless. Mary work reflects from inner vision and presence–her awareness of the universal Oneness, Consciousness–that already is. Art of the Soul is in gallery exhibitions, expositions, conferences and workshops across the US and collections worldwide. You can see her art, books and more on her website.

EarthCare Global TV is designed to inspire, educate all about the Law of Balance that lives through all of nature and bring about a profound unification of global earth care.   Our vision is one of Universal giving and receiving in a manner that is sustainable. We will monitor global earth care and freely share documentaries, interviews, forums, and information,  created by our global community.  Our mission is to promulgate the understanding of creating for the good of the Whole with the values of purity and beauty.