Sixth-grade and middle-school children responded particularly well to this program. Teachers noted that they are young enough to be open to scribbling and exploratory art without the self-consciousness that a high-school student might feel. Yet they are old enough to understand what stress is and how drawing or scribbling might help them calm down, re-center, or find a more effective solution.
Multiple teachers have suggested that the ICWIB program could easily be taught at the middle-school level in a character education class because teachers usually have more freedom there since character education is not tested at the end of the year. Also, students could be exposed to the program multiple times a week in that setting. It has also worked effectively as part of the health and art curriculum and as part of an after-school program.

The ICWIB program is an economic way to teach self-regulation, and provide tools that also expand and develop the conscious creative and problem-solving mind in an enjoyable and effortless manner. With cutbacks in the arts, it is also a way to retain art, creative expression, and the power of self-reflection in the classroom for a minimal amount of training or cost.

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