Implementing the Program

Due to the overwhelming amount of teaching and testing material already required in the classroom, there was only enough time to present nine thirty-minute lessons each semester, along with ongoing encouragement to use of the techniques both in and outside the classroom during other activities. All of the classes experienced an improvement when the ICWIB program was being used. We also noticed the greatest improvement was exhibited in classrooms that had students with self-regulation and learning challenges.

Strategy of Class Comparison
In the first semester the I Create What I Believe! program was taught to Classes C and D, while classes A and B served as our control group. In the second semester the program was then taught to classes A and B and two additional classes E and F. This allowed us to also compare classes A and B against their previous performance in the first semester.

With classes E and F we started with a neutral base line and tracked classroom and student changes throughout the spring semester as they learned and used the program. (In the charts on the Outcomes of the Study page, please note that 0% equals our neutral baseline.)


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