Teachers and Students

What teachers and students are saying about the I Create What I Believe! program.

“For twelve years I have worked as a Yoga Instructor and my yoga teaching focus is the age group 3 – 18 years. Often, when yoga classes are held after school the students come in restless, with a desire to center, ground and focus but with no personal tools accessible to help them. My usual routine is to start class with Oms (Chanting) and meditation but frequently the children are depleted, unsettled, anxious, etc. When I know they are not ready to sit still I switch my routine to the I Create What I Believe! art program. Out come the crayons and paper and I invite the children to scribble using the correct sequence I learned in the I Create What I Believe! training. One five year old finished the scribbling exercise and looked at her artwork. With a big sigh of relief she said “I don’t have to be angry anymore, my anger is on the paper – I can be happy.” This is just one example of how the I Create What I Believe!art program grounds, centers and focuses children. The simple, short and easy to use art techniques release emotions and behavior patterns children know they do not want but are frustrated because they cannot be free of them. The transformation is actively experienced by the children and they empower themselves at a deep level to touch their true essence – love, joy, peace and truth.”

Juanita Lucero, California

“Nancy teaches art, but more importantly, she teaches self-awareness and understanding. My students blossomed in her class.”

Barbara Shepard, Independent Study Teacher, California

“I’ve used the I Create What I Believe! program by myself and with my gifted students. Most of my students love to draw so they were enthusiastic from the beginning. What none of us knew was how much we would each learn about ourselves. We also received the following benefits: the ability to create calmness at will; ability to removed learning blocks and access more of what we know and finally learn more ways to get ourselves unstuck in problem solving situations. The most exciting thing is that this program gives people of all ages a life-long tool for personal growth and self-examination…”

Kay Wallach, Ed.D., Teacher of Gifted Students, Arizona

I Create What I Believe! is a first-aid kit to help explore creativity. It is an intuition-opening tool conceived by Nancy Marie for families and/or class use, with gem-like guidance about what each exercise can stimulate. The explorations allow play and spontaneous artistic experience to mend some frazzled areas of our life, and satisfy our self-search. Peppered with relevant quotes and tied to real examples from art history, Nancy Marie’s art program is both inspiring and inviting. In a time and place where creativity is becoming subservient to marketing urges, this program reminds us that we do create what we believe while planting a seed to help our natural longings unfold.”

Anca Hariton, Elementary School Teacher, California

“It’s like there’s part of me that’s finally able to talk that couldn’t until now”.

Fourth grader, Arizona

“With the increased pressures of school, dysfunctional families, and social interactions, many students need a way to release these burdens they have accumulated. Nancy’s program provides a fun, yet effective way for both children and young adults to let go and resolve many issues they have internalized. I use her program as one of my regular counseling tools.”

Mary Olson Counselor, Secondary School, California

“In our society’s determination to raise test scores and to establish accountability, it often seems as if we have neglected our equally important responsibility to nurturing the creative and intuitive parts of ourselves. Thank you Nancy, for reminding us of the importance of developing the whole being.”

Roosevelt Watson, Special Day Class Teacher, California