I want to thank you for your generous donations, because they are making it possible for us to share the ICWIB program with adults and children around the world who don’t have the financial means to pay for the training and training materials.

Over the last ten years the ICWIB program has proven to be extremely effective in helping both children and adults reduce stress, recover from trauma, and transform inaccurate beliefs and ineffective behavior that prevent them from reaching their goals and/or living a happy and productive life.

During this time, I have witnessed many success stories. I have also become very aware that some of the adults and children that would really benefit the most from this program do not have the funds for workshops, and training materials.  In response to this awareness I created the ICWIB Global Classroom.

All of your generous donations, and the donations collected from the ICWIB Introductory Presentations are placed in a scholarship fund to help subsidize the ICWIB training for worthy candidates who require financial support to participate.  We will post a list of the scholarship recipients so you can see how your dollars are making a difference.

All donations are greatly appreciated!

With a donation of any amount, you are making a significant difference in our world!

Nancy Marie