About the I Create What I Believe! Program: 

The I Create What I Believe! (ICWIB) program, based on the pioneering research of former Stanford scientist, Dr. Bruce Lipton, is a powerful personal growth and accelerated learning tool that has proven to be equally effective with both young and old. This deceptively simple program helps participants understand how stress affects their thinking and how early childhood experiences may have led to inaccurate beliefs about the world and themselves, and subsequently stifled success. This highly informative training is recommended for parents, educators, therapists and individuals interested in personal growth and change.

The ICWIB program requires no previous artistic talent or training and is easy to learn and easy to use. Using activities as simple as scribbling, individuals can learn to gain an accurate sense of their strengths and weaknesses; access to their personal motivation and life purpose; and the ability to step out of repetitive reactive behavior quickly and increase positive productivity.

The ICWIB activities can also be used to energize and focus the distractible mind, release bottle-up emotions in a constructive manner, facilitate self-regulation, deepen the sense of self-worth and activate the conscious problem-solving mind at will. Because this program is taught from a science and art perspective, it is versatile and easily adapted into almost any situation. It has been used effectively in the home, classroom, in individual crisis intervention, for healthcare provider burnout, and with victims of trauma suffering from PTSD. A number of war veterans have found the ICWIB program to be life-changing.

Presentations and Trainings:

1 Hour Introductory Presentation
In a one-hour ICWIB Introductory Presentation Nancy Marie will share some of the basic science behind the program and guide participants through several of the transformative drawing activities.   No specialized art talent or training is required, but simply an open mind to explore personal awareness.The activites are simple and easy to do. You will leave with an understanding and skill set to make immediate positive changes in your life. These events are part of the Global Classroom (link to global classroom).

The I Create What I Believe! Teleconference:
Any individual or group that purchases one of our ICWIB kits or has previously purchased a kit can attend Nancy’s one-hour FREE teleconferences. This is an opportunity to become part of the ICWIB community, get your questions answered, and receive pointers on how to adapt activities to fit your unique needs.

The I Create What I Believe! In-Depth Training:
After many years of teaching in larger venues Nancy is now returning to working with people around the world in small intimate groups via Skype. This is a wonderful opportunity to work directly with the creator of the ICWIB program, without having to travel a great distance.

In the ICWIB In-Depth Training, Nancy Marie will cover all of the science behind the program and guide participants through most of the transformative drawing activities in a series of four 2.5-hour sessions.   No previous art training or ability is necessary. Nancy will also tailor the program to meet the specific needs of your group.

In-House Staff Training:

The Beginning Training for Teachers

The ICWIB Beginning Training for Teachers will take place via Skype over four 2½-hour sessions, which are spaced approximately every two weeks. This training includes an overview of the program, the science behind the program, hands-on experience of the basic activities, and discussion regarding adaptation and application of the techniques. This highly interactive workshop provides the participants with a deep understanding of how and why this program works and the ability to utilize the material effectively to facilitate positive change in their daily life or the lives of their students.
 For more information contact Nancy Marie at: info@innereyepublishing.com

The ICWIB Refresher Training for Teachers

The ICWIB Refresher Training for Teachers will provide the teachers with a review of the activities they are currently using and an opportunity to learn activities that they are not currently using in the classroom, with a focus on how to use all of the activities in different situations. We will also discuss which activities can help a child increase their tolerance for external imposed order (predictability) and external chaos (unpredictability), increase their resiliency and become ‘learning ready’. This training will also be taught via Skype. For more information contact Nancy Marie at: info@innereyepublishing.com


For more information
E-mail info@innereyepublishing.com or Phone 530-926-0365.