You Can Make a Lasting Impact on the World!

On March 1, 2018, we launched a crowd-funding campaign to raise money so we could offer the I Create What I Believe! (ICWIB) training to preschool and elementary school teachers who wanted to actively use the program in their classroom for FREE.

The generosity of many has provided us with enough funds to offer the FREE training to over 75 teachers. Unlike many crowd-funding campaigns, our fund-raising will be an ongoing effort because the more teachers we train, the more children will receive this life-changing program.

Remember: A $5 donation provides one child with tools to change their life forever! $150 provides training for one teacher, which over two years will impact the lives of over 30 children.

In a recent interview Dr. Bruce Lipton, the best-selling author of The Biology of Belief said: “…Freedom is the ability to create without the limitation of generational programming. The ICWIB program is a gateway and a pathway into a new and better future because it allows children to fully express themselves and to not be limited by the beliefs that have been passed from generation to generation. This program also frees up the mind of a child and allows their creative nature to create a better world for all of us, and this is what we need right now!

I see this as an opportunity (raising money to train teachers) for all of us to get together and realize we can change the world by changing the programming of our children. If each of us contributes just a small amount of money—the amount of money we would have bought that cappuccino, we can change the world! We must change behavior and the fastest and easiest way to do that today, is through ICWIB program. This is why I wholeheartedly endorse and support Nancy Marie in this effort, because it is not a personal effort, it a global effort. This is a global change for peace and harmony on this planet….”

We invite you to join the growing I Create What I Believe! (ICWIB) global community and watch how your meaningful support can create a better future for many!

We also invite you to watch what teachers are saying about the ICWIB Program

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