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Nancy Marie has been sharing her I Create What I Believe! (ICWIB!) Program with parents, teachers, individuals, and veterans suffering from PTSD for more than 10 years. The ICWIB! Program is currently being used with tremendous success in Head Start and preschool classrooms throughout the US to help young children resolve trauma, learn to self-regulate autonomously, place their mind in a learning-ready state, increase their resiliency, and gain a deeper sense of self and self-worth. It is also currently being used very effectively in a European prison.


Since the ICWIB! Program has proven to be so effective in helping both young and old reduce stress and transform harmful perceptions and ineffective behavior, Nancy Marie will soon be offering the ICWIB! training online so it will be easier for early childhood educators, parents, therapists, and individuals to learn simple and scientifically proven techniques to change inaccurate beliefs and ineffective behaviors that hinder their own, or their students’ and children’s, ability to succeed and thrive.


I Create What I Believe! Online Training
For Early Childhood Educators, Teachers, Parents, and Individuals


Welcome to the ICWIB! Online Training!

This training is divided into four sessions and organized in a manner that allows you to go through the training at your own speed. Some people may complete the training in four weeks, while others may take four months or even longer. Please approach the training in a manner that fits comfortably into your life and supports your personal learning style.

In each session Nancy will present some of the science behind the program. Topics she will cover are: the research of Dr. Bruce Lipton, the principles of chaos and order, entertainment, and constructive and destructive interference.

In each session you will also be provided with a downloadable PDF handout to make note-taking easy. We will also include a test video with questions for easy review of the material (answers are included)

This approach will help you to gauge your level of comprehension and make it easy for you to revisit any material that you feel you need to review before moving forward.

Within each session Nancy will also demonstrate at least three ICWIB! activities and several variations for different age groups.

In each session you will also notice a link for supplemental materials.

In this section you will find specific excerpts from the following books: Passage of Change, A fable based on the research of Bruce Lipton, Ph.D. ; Out of the Box and Into Yourself!; and I Create What I Believe! to help you gain a deeper understanding of the science behind the program.

You will also be provided with articles and video excerpts from the following DVDs: ICWIB! Introductory DVD, ICWIB! Tutorial DVD, and ICWIB! Instructional Guide DVD that directly apply to the specific lesson focus to help you understand how and why the deceptively simple activities can help you make significant changes in your life and help you effectively integrate them into your life effortlessly.

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