I didn’t realize how deeply this program was affecting me until I began seeing things on my daily walk I had never seen before. It was then that I realized I felt so safe that I no longer needed to be hyper-vigilant; consequently, I am seeing and enjoying more of life. When I do find myself in a stressful situation, I just draw the patterns I learned either in my mind, on my leg, or even with my foot. It feels like I am clearing the slate and then I feel calm, clear, and safe again.”

M. B. (PTSD survivor)

“I’ve used the I Create What I Believe! program by myself and with my gifted students. Most of my students love to draw so they were enthusiastic from the beginning. What none of us knew was how much we would each learn about ourselves. We also received the following benefits: the ability to create calmness at will; ability to removed learning blocks and access more of what we know and finally learn more ways to get ourselves unstuck in problem solving situations. The most exciting thing is that this program gives people of all ages a life-long tool for personal growth and self-examination…”

Kay Wallach, Ed.D., Teacher of Gifted Students, Arizona

“Nancy Marie’s I Create What I Believe! art program is a groundbreaking tool for helping both young and old to access their true nature, shrouded in the mists of acquired beliefs and learned perspective. The utterly simple exercises effortlessly and gracefully sidestep our wily intellect, always searching for confirmatory data in support of our thinking errors. With this program Marie has truly made a significant contribution to those seeking an effective avenue to authenticity.”

Susan D. Elsom, Ph.D. Clinical Psychologist, Oregon