In these difficult times I think it is important to remember that we experience wholeness through the web of interconnection—not the internet connection. Although science and technology offer us ways of connecting to each other and for understanding the connections between all of life, they can’t make us whole.

In this two-minute excerpt from her speech, Dr. Remen, storyteller and New York Times best-selling author, reminds us we have what we need to be whole, we just need to remember to use it.

Remembering the power in the web of connection means not only with each other, but within ourselves as well. Our beliefs and realities are inextricably connected: how we think directly impacts what we experience. Science shows us how different thoughts release different chemicals in the body—and although there are pills that can change our chemistry—we already have the power to choose and change our thoughts. It just takes courage to do it.

Imagine a world where children are encouraged to remember their power in the web of connection as much as they are connected to the internet.

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