Head Start Teachers’ Stories

Earlier this year, I had  the opportunity to teach the I Create What I Believe!(ICWIB) program to 22 wonderful Head Start teachers who teach at nine different schools in Shasta County, California. They did a remarkable job of adapting and implementing the program into their classrooms in a very short period of time.  They said the children really enjoyed the program and they all saw noticeable changes in both their students and classrooms. I spent the last two months creating nine short videos so they could share their experience and stories with you. I hope you enjoy them.

If after viewing these videos, you feel inspired to learn and use the ICWIB program in your classroom, please contact me about upcoming trainings. It has been very exciting to see how the ICWIB program can make a significant difference in children’s lives.

I look forward to sharing the ICWIB program more in the upcoming year.

Nancy Marie

To view the videos: http://www.icreatewhatibelieve.com/inaction.html

To contact Nancy Marie about ICWIB training: info@innereyepublishing.com

For more information about the ICWIB program: http://www.icreatewhatibelieve.com/

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