If you would like to explore the I Create What I Believe! (ICWIB) Program more fully, the following videos, exploratory art activities and parent teacher resources are currently available on the website for FREE
(just click the link to access an activity).

Program Basics
ICWIB Introductory DVD (14 minutes long)

Dr. Bruce Lipton talks about how the ICWIB program is a scientifically sound and effective way to bring about internal and positive change.

Parent and Teacher Resources and Suggestions

Test Drive some Activities
Just Scribble, ICWIB Activity One: Version One video
Just Scribble, ICWIB Activity One (text)

Just Scribble, ICWIB Activity One: Version Two video

Just Scribble, ICWIB Activity One: Version Three video

ICWIB Instructional Guide: Part One

ICWIB Instructional Guide: Part Two

ICWIB Instructional Guide: Part Three

Labyrinth, ICWIB Activity Four
Labyrinth, ICWIB Activity Four (text)

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