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Just Scribble from the I Create What I Believe! Training Manual

I can’t write enough about the importance of scribbling. In a goal-oriented culture, scribbling allows us, if only for a moment, to turn back the clock and spontaneously create like very young children. I have seen children unravel emotional conflict and reconnect deeply with their true nature in a very short period of time with scribbling. Scribbling can be immensely freeing and help promote a more open-minded and spontaneous attitude. I think there are as many approaches to scribbling are there are people in the world.

1. Place a crayon in your non-dominant hand. (The hand one doesn’t normally write with.) And with your eyes closed, let that hand scribble whatever it wants to scribble. When you feel done and with your eyes still closed, place the crayon in the other hand and continue scribbling. Try passing the crayon back and forth to see which one is more relaxed or spontaneous.

2. Now take a crayon in both hands and continue scribbling-maybe even use two or three crayons in each hand. Pay attention to which movement you like the most. Do you prefer holding the crayons at the very top or gripping them like a two-year old would? Focus on the rhythm and movement. Does your body get into the scribbling or are you just doing it with your hands and arms? Think about what style makes you the happiest? Scribble to music. Try different kinds of sounds and rhythms. Scribble in silence, or make your own sounds with the movements. Play and explore with no agenda.

3. When you feel done, but before you open your eyes ask yourself these questions: Do I like scribbling with my right hand, my left hand, or both hands together? Could doing this activity help me reduce stress, restore balance, and create a more authentic life?

Remember after you learn the activity with crayons and paper you can do it on your leg or arm with your finger, thus enabling you to use it anywhere or any time you need to restore balance in your system.


“Inspiration may be a form of superconsciousness or perhaps of subconsciousness – I wouldn’t know.
But I am sure it is the antithesis of self-consciousness.”

-Aaron Copland

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