I recently had the opportunity to attend a writing group. For a couple of hours we spontaneously wrote and shared the thoughts, and images that sprung in our mind from a single word. This painting of words was a very uplifting and inspiring experience, because it fed my soul in a very deep way.

One of the words we wrote about was water. Before that day I had not thought about how water, when poured from one container to another holds its integrity, and yet at the same time it has the capacity to fill the new space or shape. Listening to the discussion I realized that this was a great metaphor for the challenge of life –To remain who we really are as we flow from one situation to another.

I, like water, am who I am—no better and no worse. I, like water, also have the ability to moisten and give life, or to flood, ravish and change the shape of life.  Both are acts of creation and both have value. But which one do I choose? The answer lies in being present in the moment. This is what this simple act of sitting with others with only paper and a pencil gave back to me.

As we come to the end of fall, the season of letting go that which we no longer need, I think returning to simplicity and creativity are a great way to reconnect deeply with yourself and become more present in the moment. The act of creating and authentic sharing in the writing group that day pulled me so fully into the moment that I became aware of how parched, disconnected and drained I can become if I don’t create. For me it is as important as breathing.

As you move into the Holiday season remember that taking the time to create something can help you sooth you jangled nerves, restore balance, help you stay in touch with yourself and be fully present in the moment. The act of creating can be as simple as making an arrangement for your table, cooking some good food, or taking some pictures to share with friends.

In the act of creating, we step out of automatic behavior to make something new and in the process we activate our conscious problem-solving mind. If you can stay in your conscious mind during the Holidays Season, then you can avoid the usual over-doing, and over-extending and have a reasonably stress-free Holiday.

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