What colleagues are saying about the I Create What I Believe! program.

“I am impressed by how the simplicity and exquisite depth that these exercise can bring understanding into our lives. I have used them with clients who have found them beneficial and gained meaningful insights very quickly. They are especially helpful for people who do not feel articulate with their feelings, yet need a means for expressing them. I recommend this program for personal and clinical use with adult and children.”

Michaela McGivern, OTL, Intuitive Healer

“I highly recommend the I Create What I Believe! program for all ages. It is a fun, easy, highly effective, and non-intrusive way to process trauma. It can help individuals to remove emotional blocks, open the “self” to creativity and conscious thinking and at the same time relieve themselves of the trauma residue. I use it myself. I have also used it with young people who have been kicked out of school because they have difficulty self-regulating and processing their emotions in a constructive manner.”

Mutima Imani

“Nancy Marie’s simple exercises are surprisingly effective. They have the power to transform programmed patterns and beliefs and thus facilitate growth and change quickly and effortlessly.”

Faye Kimura LCSW, California

“The I Create What I Believe program will be a breath of fresh air for educators everywhere seeking to infuse their classrooms with creativity and out-of-the-box thinking.”

Jeff Goelitz, The Institute of HeartMath

“Nancy Marie’s I Create What I Believe! art program is a groundbreaking tool for helping both young and old to access their true nature, shrouded in the mists of acquired beliefs and learned perspective. The utterly simple exercises effortlessly and gracefully sidestep our wily intellect, always searching for confirmatory data in support of our thinking errors. With this program Marie has truly made a significant contribution to those seeking an effective avenue to authenticity.”

Susan D. Elsom, Ph.D. Clinical Psychologist, Oregon

The I Create What I Believe! program is unusually effective because it calls people to life. The program is solidly based on emerging scientific insights about how the human belief system influences the way people’s lives unfold. Beyond the science is the art of Nancy Marie’s delicately crafted approach, which teaches people how to detect what their heart is calling for, and create what would make their life or work experience more joyful and effective. These methods enable deep interactions with the self to change unhelpful beliefs and behaviors gently yet profoundly. Easy to learn by young and old, easy to practice and apply in homes, schools, and work settings, the I Create What I Believe! program is the gentle giant among change programs. It can help you, your family, and your organization respond to the ever-escalating demands to adapt to our rapidly changing world.”

Myan Baker, Innovation Consultant, Economic Transformations Group

“Nancy Marie’s workshop for Head Start staff in Long Beach, CA gave teachers insight into children’s behavior and an effective approach to help children manage their feelings-highly recommended.”

Gina Dusenbury, Education Director, Southern Oregon Head Start

(Excerpt from Foreword)
“…Nancy Marie’s art exercises provide children and adults with an alternative way to consciously release the stress or pressure that is building up in their system. These exercises enable the participants to both express their emotions and generate more constructive responses. They are so simple and adaptable and can be used in almost any situation to effectively redirect energy without having to consciously focus on the prevailing situation. These activities can actually become part of a child’s behavioral “download” wherein they automatically provide constructive responses in place of current destructive pre-programmed responses they may be engaging now. Constructive pattern interrupts release stressful pressures, clear perceptions, and pave the way for more wholesome behaviors and resolutions.”

“I Can Do It!” YouTube video

– Bruce Lipton, Ph.D. Author of The Biology of Belief: Unleashing the Power of Consciousness, Matter, and Miracles